Your Self Development Plan And Your Spirituality And Practice

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Let Free Infinite Possibilities Inspire Your Self Development Plan And Your Spirituality And Practice!

This website is much more than just your average self development and human potential ‘information’ website.

Articles are also supported by additional audio guidance to help you further understand the context and the message in the article.

The articles here, and in fact the key theme throughout the articles I write generally, is one of helping you make the ‘necessary connections’ in your own life.

By doing this you start to become more in tune with who you are, and who you are wanting to become. This website hopefully encourages and inspires you to further explore your own spirituality and practice and your personal self development plan.
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This process is about beginning to notice your life and the events around you and how they are all intrinsically linked and connected. You start living ‘with awareness’ and in turn naturally start taking more responsibility for your life and the conditions you attract to yourself.

I see value in many things and many approaches in life.

I see ‘truth’ as being just as important and relevant as ‘untruth’ – both often relate to spirituality and practice and the opinion and experience of others. By becoming aware of the paradigms around us, we start to make sense of our world and in turn become more aware of ourselves.

I don’t subscribe to ‘the’ way or ‘a’ way in life – I see value in multiple approaches and multiple ways of seeing and doing things. This is what makes my website and my information to you valuable and hopefully something to help you on your own path in life…..this is about you and wherever you are at…or not at. This is about your spirituality and practice and your personal self development plan – not mine.

I have spent over 30 years of my life researching and studying so many different approaches and themes in this rich and diverse field we call self development/self improvement/human potential. I have come to learn that we are all on a journey and that journey can only be truly defined and understood by the individual who is taking that journey.

And that is of course you and only you!

I see the often insatiable quest for enlightenment so prevalent and common within our society, as being indicative of an ego based approach to enlightenment. I remind myself that as eternal beings (perhaps) we may well have eternity to consider these things and to learn that enlightenment isn’t about outcomes.
In other words I see the value in the journey or the ‘process’ in life. Too much weight and importance is on ‘outcomes’.

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Hopefully the Free Infinite Possibilities experience will act as one of those guideposts and signposts in your life that moves you closer towards your natural state of being.

I look forward to sharing these things with you and adding value to your life – so you can discover your own infinite possibilities.

All the very best with your spirituality and practice, and in developing your own personal self development plan.

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